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ASTM F3125 Grade A325

ASTM F3125 Grade A325

In 2016 the specification A325 was withdrawn by ASTM and was replaced by ASTM F3125 with A325 as one of the six Grades of F3125.

F3125 Grade A325 is a Heavy Hex Head Style Bolt with a minimum Tensile Strength of 120 ksi. and can come in one of two types (Type 1 or Type 3). We currently stock only Type 1 so this information will be limited to a discussion of that type.

Chemical Requirements (TYPE 1)

Heat Analysis 120 ksi, % 150 ksi, %
Carbon 0.30-0.52 0.30-0.48*
Manganese 0.60 min. 0.60 min
Phosphorus, max 0.035 0.035
Sulfur, max 0.040 0.040
Silicon 0.15-0.30 -
Boron 0.003 max 0.003 max
Copper - -
Nickel - -
Chromium - -
Vanadium - -
Molybdenum - -
Titanium - -
*Carbon requirement is 0.35-0.53 for 1-1/2" and M36 diameter bolts

Mechanical Properties

GradeTensile, ksiYield, ksiElongation, min. %RA, min. %
A325/F1852, 120 ksi120 min.92 min.1435
A490/F2280, 150 ksi150-173130 min.1440

This information is for reference purposes only. Please consult the relevant standards for full details and additional information. Consult your drawings or Engineer to find the proper product.

20th Oct 2021

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