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Galvanized Anchor Bolts - Light Poles

Galvanized Anchor Bolts - Light Poles

Galvanized anchor bolts are used in situations where the bolts will be exposed to any form of corrosive elements. This most often means being installed outside where the weather can cause rust. Galvanized anchor bolts are less expensive than 304 stainless steel anchor bolts, and in most situations match the galvanizing of the light poles. Light poles anchor bolts are a prime example, the anchors used to secure a light pole are exposed to the elements and require galvanizing to withstand the corrosive elements of rain and snow. While we can't tell you exactly what size anchor bolt you need for your next light pole project (always consult an engineer or your blueprint specs), but the most popular light pole anchor bolts we sell are 1"x36"x4" with 6" of thread

We get calls every day for light pole anchor bolts, and we stock all the most common sizes. The 1x36x4 is by far our most widely used anchor bolt and we always keep a large stock on hand. So the next time you have a light pole to put up give us a call to get your anchor bolts in as little as 2 days.

9th Feb 2015

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