Expediting Galvanized Bolts

We stock many different sizes of hot dip galvanized bolts for rush delivery (stock list). If you don’t see what you want in stock we can offer the following options to get bolts to you fast:

  • We stock most diameters in long straight lengths and threaded on 1 end. We can cut and bend these to the length you need. We spray the cut end with cold galv spray. The sprayed end is down in the concrete. You pay a little more but you can have them right away.
  • Can you use a larger size or different length that we do have? If the bolt was 1/8” or 1/4” larger would it do any harm? Would it still fit? Would a longer bolt work?
  • Can you use a straight bolt with a welded nut and plate instead of a bent bolt? We stock several sizes of hot dip galvanized straight bolts with welded nuts in stock. Slip on a plate and it can work just like a bent bolt. We stock several sizes of hot dip galvanized plates.
  • We sometimes have parts in stock or in process that are not listed on our web site yet. You are welcome to call or e mail to check with us. WE DON’T CURRENTLY LIST ANY BOLTS OVER 1 ½” ON OUR SITE BUT WE MAKE BOLTS UP TO 4” ROUND AND SOMETIMES WE HAVE SOME LARGE BOLTS IN STOCK.
  • If all else fails, we can make custom new bolts. We can make just about any bolt in a day but the hot dip galvanizing will take between 5 and 15 days depending on how busy they are.