Custom Parts/Quotes

In addition to our stock anchor bolts we also carry/make a wide variety of custom products for the construction industry:

Swedge Bolts -


 We stock several standard sizes of Galvanized Swedge Bolts for all your state highway projects. Swedge Bolts have a notched pattern cut into the shaft of the bolt to give it better grip. All  of our Swedge Bolts are produced in the United States and made from domestic material (certs are available). We can custom-make any length or special notch patterns your project requires. Call us at (317) 898-5313 for more information.



Threaded Rebar -


 We are your source for custom-threaded rebar. Whether you have rebar that is ready to cut and thread, or you are looking for a one-stop supplier to supply you with pre-cut and threaded pieces, give us a call. We can cut and thread all sizes of rebar. Call us at (317) 898-5313 or fill out the form below and one of our sales members will contact you with more information.

   rebar-ex1.jpg  rebar-ex2.jpg  rebar-ex3.jpg   rebar-ex4.jpg


Custom Templates -


 We can custom-make your templates. From standard lightpole templates up to custom multi-piece assemblies we are ready to partner with you to develop your next project. We custom laser cut your templates to order and will work with you to develop a plan for all your configurations. Call us or submit your information on the form below to learn more about partnering with us for your next construction project.





Whether you have a question or need a quote we are here to get you an answer. We are a fully equipped fabrication shop capable of custom making whatever your project requires. Email us with any of your fastener questions including larger quantity pricing, lead times, and custom parts.