3/4"x12" F1554 Grade 55 Bent Anchor Bolt Plain Finish

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3/4"x12" Structural Anchor Bolt, 3" Bend, and minimum 4" Thread Length.

   Bent anchor bolts meeting ASTM standard F1554, offer robust anchoring solutions with their distinctive L-shaped design. Commonly used for attaching building columns or machinery bases to concrete foundations, they provide versatility and stability in construction projects. Ideal for applications requiring precise alignment, their design allows for efficient installation and secure fastening, ensuring the integrity of the anchored structures. Common anchor bolt applications include Light Poles, Steel Building Columns, and Machinery Bases.

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F1554 Grade 55-S1 Anchor Bolts

F1554 Grade 55 Anchor Bolts are manufactured from a mild steel and are commonly used in steel buildings and light pole construction. They have a higher yield strength of 55 ksi, than standard A36 of F1554 Grade 36 (36 ksi). Our F1554 Grade 55 is all weldable (S1 supplement) and is commonly refered to as F1554 Grade 55-S1. Per the F1554 Standard Section 6.4 when a Grade 36 is specified, a weldable Grade 55 (Grade 55-S1) may be substituted at the manufacturer's option.


We manufacture all of our anchor bolts in Indianapolis, IN from mill round bars. Plain finish bolts are made to order in 1-2 business days. Small orders can sometimes be run same day, feel free to give us a call at 317-898-5313 to check availability of same day shipping.

Material F1554 Grade 55-S1
Diameter (Min.) 0.6773"
Length 12"
Thread Size 3/4"-10
Hook Length 3"
Thread Length (Min.) 4"
Anchor Type Hook ("L")
Thread Right Hand, UNC Course Thread Class 1A
Included Hardware 2 Finish Nuts, 2 Flatwashers
Country of Origin Bolts: United States, Hardware: Non-Domestic


*Anchor Bolts are roll threaded per the F1554 Standard, bolt body will be undersized per the standard (Min. of .6773")

Dimension A:
Dimension B:
Dimension C:
Minimum of 4"
Included Hardware:
2 Finish Nuts / 2 Flatwashers
F1554 Grade 55-S1
Plain Steel
3/4"-10 UNC
country of origin:
Bolts: United States, Hardware: Non-Domestic
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